We’re proud to announce that Total Fibre has been awarded with the CHAS Certificate Accreditation

CHAS (The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme) demonstrates that a company’s health and safety procedures adhere to high standards.

Businesses that have been awarded the CHAS accreditation are, “An expert and trusted advisor on health and safety compliance, responsible for supplying the new Common Assessment Standards and defining industry benchmarks.”

View our CHAS certificate online.
Simply search for “Total Fibre Communications Limited”.

What is SSIP?

The SSIP (Safety Schemes in Procurement) organisation serves as the hub for several different assessment programmes. These programmes join SSIP and provide firms with SSIP-approved accreditation. The Health and Safety Executive supports SSIP, enabling them to serve as an authority in the safety sector and guarantee that accrediting organisations evaluate enterprises in accordance with industry best practices.

Reduced costs and duplication in health and safety evaluation are the primary goals of SSIP. They acknowledge that many companies have trouble deciding which sort of accreditation is preferable and as a result, wind up undergoing many examinations. For this reason, SSIP makes sure that all of its members (such as Safe Contractor or CHAS) adhere to uniform standards when granting certification.

What Advantages Come With CHAS Accreditation?

Receiving CHAS accreditation as a contractor or subcontractor allows us to:

  • Demonstrate our dependability and dedication.
  • Accreditation is a sign of trust for many customers and clients. It also shows that we are serious about our health and safety obligations to our employees.
  • Seek contracted work with local councils.

Due Diligence

In order to be awarded the CHAS accreditation, we had to provide proof that our safety practices are all in order and that we are operating according to the law and recommended practices. Therefore, our clients can rest assured that we are carrying out our work in a safe and responsible manner.